You Are Not Alone

Finding Support

Those who actually exhibit symptoms of Kennedy's Disease need support and understanding, as do those who love them. Many issues may need to be addressed that others who do not live with Kennedy's Disease may not understand or know how to help answer. That's why several people living with Kennedy’s Disease have offered to help. These individuals have made themselves available for those seeking help, guidance and support from others who might be going through similar experiences. Together, there is much knowledge to be shared, and experience has been the teacher for all of us.

Need help? 

If you have unanswered questions or need support, please Contact the KDA.  

Join with us to share, support, maybe find solutions and/or some peace of mind knowing that you are not alone in dealing with challenges while standing in the shadows of Kennedy's Disease.

Would you like to talk with others living with Kennedy's Disease?

Men and woman from around the world live with Kennedy's Disease.

 Many have given permission for their email addresses to be shared with others. Please contact the KDA for a list of  these members in your area. Please include your country and state.  If you are interested in helping others and would like to be added to this list, please let the KDA know.

 The KDA is on Facebook facebook-findus