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The Kennedy’s Disease Association (KDA) has worked to educate others about this lesser-known disease and to support clinical research efforts.  We distributed information to more than 10,000 neurologists to help them recognize clinical signs and symptoms of Kennedy’s Disease and let their patients know we are here to help them.  The KDA uses conferences to help those living with Kennedy's Disease to better understand the disease as well as provide additional education and support tools to make life easier.

Research is cResearchrucial to finding treatments and a cure for this disease that has affected all of our lives.  Unfortunately, the federal government has reduced the funding available for medical research.  As a result, research projects for Kennedy’s Disease, along with other lesser known illnesses are being seriously under-funded.

Because of your continued support, the Kennedy’s Disease Association has awarded $280,000 in research grants.  Because of the efforts of  dedicated researchers around the world, those of us living with Kennedy’s Disease are much closer to seeing a treatment for the disease.


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