A short list of things to consider for planning and executing your fund raiser.

How to Hold a Fundraiser

  1. Set up the location for your fundraiser. Station a table at the door to greet guests and sell tickets. Set up booths for games or tables for fundraiser guests to dine. If you're holding an event like a raffle or auction, test audio equipment such as microphones, to ensure that fundraiser guests can hear your important announcements. Add decorations, posters or banners that promote your cause.
  2. Coordinate volunteers. Ask volunteers to arrive early to help with setup. Assign each volunteer a specific task so that she is productive. For example, you can assign volunteers to work the door, serve drinks or run games. Give volunteers a motivating speech before the fundraiser begins to inspire them to work hard for your worthy cause.
  3. Meet with vendors. Businesses who are donating auction items, food or drinks should arrive at least an hour before the fundraiser. Assign a volunteer to each vendor; this volunteer can show the vendor where to set up and what to do. If you have an itinerary for your fundraiser, provide it to each vendor so that he knows what to expect.
  4. Interact with guests. The key to a successful fundraiser is encouraging guests to make donations. The fundraiser host should mingle with the crowd, talking to guests about the charity or organization in need and kindly soliciting donations. Encourage guests to participate in the silent auction, or invite them to the cash bar to enjoy a cocktail that supports the cause.
  5. Update guests on how close you are to your goal. Keep a tally of the donations you've collected so far, and let guests know how much more money the charity needs to call the fundraiser a success. Acknowledge each donation by ringing a bell or sounding a horn, which will encourage guests to get in on the fun and participate.
  6. Execute specific fund-raising activities. If you're raffling off a car as your big fundraiser, make sure that the raffle takes place at the right time during the event. Doing the raffle too early means that guests will leave before the event is over, but a late raffle will make guests antsy. If you're holding a silent auction, let guests know what time they need to have their bids in so that no one is left out of this moneymaking venture.