So you are interested in organizing a walk-run event to benefit the Kennedy's Disease Association

Below are some basic steps to help you get started.

Basics Steps

  1. Set a venue. Where are you going to have your fundraiser?
  2. Ask your local council to block off roads/paths etc. to run/walk along.
  3. Arrange when the event would take place and what time.
  4. Contact local police and ambulance (NHS) to support the events security and safety of runners.
  5. Solicit help. Invite those who would be interested in your event and giving their time.
  6. Advertise the event. Use online social programs like Facebook, newspapers, and local radio and television stations.  Create an invitation or a ticket to be mailed (or emailed) out.
  7. Prepare a program that your guests are going to enjoy. Call a local entertainer or a clown for the kids. You want to make your event an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  8. Encourage participants to create an online fundraising drive to raise money for the nonprofit.
  9. Approach organizations and businesses that would be willing to donate prizes for your fundraiser.
  10. Organize any other details. Anything like banners, decorations or catering. Also, an added incentive for guests to donate are raffle prizes.
  11. Team up with a group of your friends and make it even more fun. The possibilities are endless!
  12. Have a good time!